Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I wish all my friends and citizens of my country , merry christmas . Christmas is a festival of  lights, happiness and goodness among all .On this every person greet his friends and loving one and celebrate this day .On this day church is decorated with lights and candle . People used to pray Go Jesus with candles and wish blessing for their families.HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Web development in India

I.T. has a been a major sector in development of India. India consist of many big and small scaled companies located in different part.In India Banglore , Pune, Chandigarh , Noida has been a major technology hub which consist of thousands of I.T. companies. These companies are working in many technologies like PHP,Dot Net, Java, Android ,Iphone,small talk and many other languages. Some major companies are Infosys,TCS,Tech-Mahindra and so counting. These companies are working in every technology which are listed above.In small seized companies PHP plays a major role in web development.PhP is a scripting language ,platform independent and low maintenance cost , Due to these features small scale companies opt PHP as their development language.

Now a days , mobile application has a major trend in I.T. revolution. Iphone apps and android are the two major companies which are in great demand . Iphone uses Cocoa as its development environment where as android uses Android SDK as its development Environment.I-phone is based on objective C where as Android is based on J2ME. Since both technologies has made revolution in the I.T. industry. I-phone is manufacture by a its company where as android has been been opted by top leading companies such as Samsung ,LG,Blackberry, dell etc. Now it is very interesting to see which technology will rule in coming future

Monday, 19 December 2011

19th December 2011 - a remarkable day for me

19 December 2011 was a remarkable day for me .starting from the morning I wake up early in the morning Everything was going correct, but around 11 a.m. in the morning , things got reversed .I was encounter by lots of complaints and all other persons was staring at me. I don't know what was happen.I was told to be regular in work , efficient in work and with many limitations and boundation. I preferably thought that was due to the mail that I got and with a common nature I used to reply hat mail take me so badly . I was hit by many complaints but at the end I had to understand , its all about my future . So take care about future is very important. hope I will be regular in work with more accuracy and efficiency.

So I think of starting with a plan and avoid all those things that destroy my time. I will much concentrate on my work rather than anything.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Working on MVC architecture in Dot Net

Currently I'm working on model view controller for my latest project in MVC architecture is a new platform to work on with many advance feature and has a great scope. There are many advantages and dis-advantages of Model view Controller. Since In the beginning of my project, I face many difficulties like -how build forms in MVC architecture but Microsoft discussions and you tube tutorials help me a lot.In my latest project I use J-query as scripting language as well as validation language.J-Query is awesome to use and is very light.It give very much look and feel to my project. Thanks to J-Query and MVC.

MVC Architecture is a good way to programming . It help you make your project hacking free and OOPS architecture help on smoothly building of the project